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Unsolved Mysteries in Human History

There seem to be many baffling mysteries in human history which some of you may not be aware of. These brief articles are an attempt to explain some of the more interesting incredible discoveries.

He was 14 inches in height!

The Mystery of the San Pedro Mountains Mummy

There is no one who has not heard of Mummies. This is a very special dwarf Mummy. At the same time, it is weird. This Mummy which was discovered from the Pedro range of mountains, 60 miles Southwest of Casper in Wyoming in America in the year 1932, is unnaturally small in size. Researchers speculate that this darkish bronze, wrinkled Mummy is of a male and that he would have lived for about 65 years. The most amazing thing is that while he was alive, they say he would have been about 14 inches in height…!

Also, his live weight would have been just five and a half kilograms…! The weight of the Mummy is of course just about 350 grams. His forehead is very low. The nose is flat and seemed as if crushed. The mouth is wide – lips are thin and tenuous. The person to whom this Mummy belongs is very much smaller than any type of human living on this Earth. Aborigines who live in the area of the Pedro range of mountains say that in the ancient past, there were a large number of such short dwarf-like persons who had lived in this place…!

Who cut this rock? weighs 1050 tonnes! 72 feet in length!

Mysterious Ancient Megalithic Cut Stones Of Baalbek Lebanon

As soon as you see this block of stone you can gauge the extent of it. This is the world’s largest cut rock. When you consider the scale, it is about as high as a two-storied house. This square block of rock is found at a stone quarry which was abandoned thousands of years ago in Barback, Lebanon. It weighs 1050 tonnes! Is 72 feet in length! Who cut this rock which is known as Monolith (a single block of stone)? How was this transported? Without the assistance of modern machinery and equipment, ancient people would not have been able to budge such a huge block of stone. To cut and take this away a person should be at least five or six times the size of a man.

What Antarctica looked like an ancient Greek Map?

The Buache Map, drawn in 1737, copied from ancient greek Maps.

Is it not apparent that this image shows a map? This map known as the Buache Map has been copied and drawn from an ancient Greek Map in 1737. Can you identify that what is depicted here is Antarctica? However, only the land without ice. You know what present Antarctica looks like. Due to extreme cold entire Antarctica is covered in ice. It was discovered in the year 1968 that Antarctica comprises of two sections through geophysical testing methods. However, this fact is depicted correctly in this map of 230 years ago. Since this has been copied from an ancient Greek Map that existed even prior to that, during the Greek era it would have been known that Antarctica comprises two sections. Isn’t that so?

How a heart surgery is being carried out sculpted on a rock?

Ica Stone showing medical procedure.

If you are interested in the ancient civilizations of the world as well as South American Tribal people you should definitely be able to identify what these things are. Yes… these are the renowned Ica Rocks. If we are to write about these, it will have to be a totally different post. It is such an attractive topic. I will explain in brief… These Ica Rocks are a collection of rocks on which images have been sculpted and were found from the Ica Desert in the country of Peru. Dr. Javier Cabrrera listed in order thousands of these rocks and has placed them in his private museum.

There are various strange things sculpted on these rocks. Most of the sculptures on these rocks are 18+. That does not concern us…ok… in the image below is depicted how a heart surgery is being carried out….! A number of amazing instances which are not at all relevant to the ancient South American civilizations have been sculpted on these rocks…it is difficult to understand why these had been sculpted thus…!

20000 years old magical Spirals…!!!

The ancient coil-shaped artifacts were found in Russia’s Ural Mountains.

There does not seem to be much of a difference in these. However, believe it or not, they are more than 20000 years old. Also, according to the opinion of experts, they could be more than three hundred thousand years old. The reason for this uncertainty is the difficulty of determining a timeline.  These unusual spiral-shaped objects were found from the River Narada which flows down from the Eastern extreme of the Ural range of mountains that belong to Russia.

The biggest object among these is 3 cm in size and the smallest is 0.003 millimeters…! The bigger ones are made of copper. Most of the really small ones are made of Tungsten or Molybdenum which are rare metals. Most of these tiny objects are microscopic ones. Even though they are not visible to the naked eye, the measurements of every one of these objects have been completed according to the Golden Mean Ratio. 

The ancient past Egyptians visited Australia?

Collection of hieroglyphics discovered in Australia

Where ever they may be in the world, hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt have a shape that is unique and identifiable. Such ancient hieroglyphic methods have been used in various ancient civilizations around the world. Even then, what if an Egyptian Deity is found from Australia…! The image above depicts a collection of hieroglyphics discovered in Australia. They were found at a National Wild Life Park named ‘Hunting Valley’ located 10 km north of Sydney. From among the 250 or so, hieroglyphics discovered several Egyptian hieroglyphics are there, which can be identified undoubtedly. One which has been clearly identified is the image of the deity named ‘Anubis.’ Among ancient Egyptian deities, this image Anubis is known as the judge of death. What could we assume from this? Does it mean that in the ancient past Egyptians visited Australia?

These ‘gigantic heads’ belong to humans?

 Skulls coming from Ica (Peru) and Merida (Mexico)

Here is an interesting mystery. At first glance you cannot see any difference in the skull that appears below, can you? This is a skull that was there among the Ika Tribe in Peru and Merida in Mexico. In appearance, this is similar to a human skull. However…! See the image on the right. Marked in grey is the size of a human skull. The eye sockets of these persons whose heads seem oversized are more than 15% bigger than normal. At the same time the cranial capacity is extensive.

The maximum cranial capacity of these large skulls is 3200 Cubic Centimeters and the minimum is shown as 2600 Cubic Centimeters. Do you know what our Cranial Capacity is like? It is barely 1450 Cubic Centimeters. It is not possible that these ‘gigantic heads’ belong to humans which is the confirmed opinion of scientists. So, then to whom do they belong…?

Modern helicopter with propellers

Propeller engraved on mount Albàn

The following image is of course not very clear. Nevertheless, if you look carefully you can see some kind of inscription. This image which can be believed to have been sculpted by the Olmec Tribe deemed to have lived in the Albàn range of mountains, researchers say is similar to a modern helicopter with propellers. See whether you too can identify it…

Africans who lived 1800 years ago was knowledgeable about Aero Dynamics theories?

Ancient Pre-Columbian artifact – The Golden Flyer

Now here is an object that you would like very much. Another interesting mystery. This gold object has been discovered from a pre-Colombian chamber of a tomb. It is conjectured that this object is about 1800 years old. Although at first this was deemed to be an image of a certain animal later it was confirmed that this is a replica of an aircraft. Although this is only a replica it has been built according to Aero Dynamics in a scientific manner. Similarly, all characteristics that should be included in an aircraft is contained in this replica. This creation proves that Africans who lived 1800 years ago was knowledgeable about Aero Dynamics theories….!

Who used arrows in the Pliocene Era

This is the femur bone or thigh bone of an animal named Toxodon which lived in the Pliocene formation in Argentina. What marked with an arrow is a place in the bone which was penetrated by either a spear or an arrow. So what is the significance of this? This bone belongs to the Pliocene Era it seems…!!! During that period of time, no apes leave aside humans had been created to build bows, arrows, and spears. 

Mechanical Gears from history

The Mechanical Gears of Ancient Peru

Peru, similar to Egypt is the birthplace of several extremely ancient civilizations. These are cogwheels in Peru…Where the role is concerned, they are similar to modern gear wheels. In studies of Peru carried out by Professor Rafael Larco Hoyle he has presented facts on these in an extensive manner. It is not possible to even think why such cog wheels were made so many thousands of years ago. 

Ancient Space Astronaut

Ancient Astronaut Idol – Kiev, 4000 BC

We know that the space age began after 1950. However, there are images/statues of spacecraft and astronauts across the world. These are very ancient creations. They are creations that were done during a time when humans had not even dreamt of space. What will be shown next is more similar things. This statue in the image was found in Europe. This statue which is known as the astronaut of Kiev depicts an ancient space astronaut. 

Pre-historic Japanese astronauts

These two pre-historic Japanese statues can be clearly identified as astronauts. If you look very carefully at these two images, the particular dress, the big headgear, and the clothing with special locks, it is apparent how they connect to each other. The head covering of the astronaut on the left is special. The two big eye coverings in it depict very clearly that even during the time that this statue was sculpted there was a method known to shade the eyes from bright light. I have no idea where the Japanese got such thoughts in the pre-historic era!

A craft from outer space that arrived on the Earth

La Madonna e san Giovannino

This is a very special, renowned creation of art identified by the world. It is a well-known artistic creation of Filippo Lippi the artist (should be an Italian). This work of art known as “La Madonna e san Giovannino” has been placed at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy, and is considered to have been a creation done in the fifteenth century. As a creation, even though it is of excellent quality it is important to us, not because of the artistic nature therein. You can probably see the object on a side that has been enlarged. This object which is located in the original work of art in the upper right-hand corner is said to be a flying object by experts who have studied it. It is confirmed because of a man and a dog who are drawn as if they are looking up with attention focused on this flying object.

These two are watching this object since it is flying across the sky. What was the reason the artist had to add such an instance to the background of the picture? Nothing in the background of the main work of art (flying object, man, dog) it feels as if it has nothing to do with the creation itself. At the same time, analysts have confirmed that this done not symbolically depict any sort of holy object either. Then the conclusion we have to arrive at is the fact that this artist wanted to show in his picture that a craft from outer space or some such similar unidentified foreign object. We do not know whether a craft from outer space that arrived on the Earth in the fifteenth century was thus depicted. The explanation for this strange object by most people is that. The reason being that at that period of time there were no flying objects made using the human brain…!

The world’s oldest machine

Oldest machine

This is the world’s oldest machine. Some say it is the world’s oldest computer. This is known as Antikythera Mechanism. The image on the left shows what remains of this machine. This object was discovered on the beach of Antikythera close to the island of Crete in Greece in the year 1990. This belongs to the 1 BC. A reason for amazement is that this entire object comprises an astonishing system of gears. This system of gears is so complex that it was difficult for modern scientists to understand the operation of this.

Later it became clear that this was a type of an astrology calculating machine. It has become possible at present to demonstrate this Antikythera Machine, clearly. What is obvious from this is that the travel and location of the Solar System and the planets including the sun, moon, and Earth can be demonstrated using this machine. That means that two thousand or more years ago there were more brainy people than we thought, among those who lived then…!

12 feet tall man

Ireland Fossilized giant was uncovered in 1895 in County Antrim, Ireland.

How tall is the tallest person you know? Six feet… seven feet…? It would not be more than that, would it…? If I say that the photograph below shows a 12 feet tall man…! Can you believe it…! This giant who was fossilized was found by a person named Dyer in 1895 in the county of Antrim in Ireland during excavations he engaged in. The photograph on the right shows an image of this giant which appeared in Britain’s well-known Strand Magazine (If you have read Sherlock Holmes you would definitely be familiar with the Strand).

What is depicted here is a comparison of the wagon which is known as the ‘heavenly vehicle’ and the giant? The measurements of this fossilized giant are- total height: 12 feet and 2 inches (3.70m), the circumference of the chest six and a half feet (1.97m), length of the arms four and a half feet (1.37m), weight is more than 2 tonnes. To be more exact, 2050 kilograms. At the same time, on one of his feet, he had six toes. Who is he? From which period is he? There is no proper conclusion as to what exactly happened either. If there were 12 feet tall men even today…it would be wonderful, wouldn’t it?

The Forgotten Stones of Baalbek, Lebanon

Barbek Platform in Lebanon

Do you know about the Barbek Platform in Lebanon? This is an amazing extremely ancient creation. The area of the foundation of this is approximately five million square feet…! Three chunks of rocks in this terraced area are far larger than the others and are outstanding in shape as well. They are more than 60 feet long. They are 12 and 14 feet in width. In the middle of the image within a red circle are marked, two men. That gives you an idea of the huge extent of the Barbek Platform, doesn’t it? This is older than the Roman Era too…!

Even the Sumerians who set up the first civilization in the world identified the Barbek Platform as a very ancient structure. Accordingly, this is older than 4000 – 6000 years. However, unfortunately, there is no sign that anyone is interested in carrying out a formal investigation regarding this…! (I believe the previously mentioned giants must have built this and used it…)

The 130 Million Year Old Human Fossil

The 130-Million-Year-Old Human Fossil Heist

This fossilized human hand discovered in Bogota of Colombia is another mystery. This fossil which clearly appears on a rock the lower end of a human hand can be identified. How old do you think this fossil is? Hundred thousand…two hundred thousand, no….a million; do you know? This fossil is one hundred million years old…!!!

Crop Circle which was drawn

Crop circle at CrabWood, Winchester, UK

If you are interested in aliens you would have heard about crop circles? Here is a world-renowned Crop Circle. Crop Circles are where, on farmland and cultivations, crops are either cut or crushed or trampled on and creation is done which depicts a certain shape. If these have to be viewed properly you have to do so from above the farmland. This photograph shows a Crop Circle which was drawn on cultivation at the Crabwood Farm located closed to Winchester in Hampshire on 15 August 2002. In this image which is about 100 feet in length, there is a message written on an object, the shape of the face of a creature from outer space and a plate.

Some say that these have been created by people themselves to gain attention and such Crop Circles can be identified too. Even then, man does not have the ability to create something like this in one night with extreme accuracy as well as complete geometrical measurements. Those who present facts that there are creatures from outer space have used these Crop Circles as evidence…

Horned Nephilim Skeletons Found In Valley Of Giants in the 1880s.

Skull found in the 1880s 

People who grew horns…Today we say that proud persons have got horns… but a long time ago there have been persons who actually grew horns. The skull shown below depicts one such person. On the forehead of the skull about two inches above the eyebrows, there are bones that are jutting out. It has been discovered through research carried out that the man (if it was a man…!) to whom this skull belonged to would have been seven feet in height with a well-grown body. This skull was found in 1880 in Pennsylvania from an ancient tomb… The person to whom this skull belonged it is considered would have been interred in approximately 1200 AD. Certain persons who express their opinions about this say that this is not a human skull and could be a hybrid of a human and a creature from outer space…

Incredible Magnetic Rock

Mysterious magnetic rock at Sillustani (Peru)

What I am about to tell you is regarding an incredible magnetic rock. This is located in Peru which is the land of the Incas. On this rock, in the image on the right, there is a spiral sculpture. It is possible to enable the identification of this rock. When a compass is turned around on this rock the needle of the compass rotates all round. It is said that this rotation occurs because of a powerful magnetic field that is contained in the rock. What is amazing is that these magnets are not in the rock. How did the Incas who sculpted on this rock, know that this rock was magnetic…! If so they have known about magnets during that time too…

Knowledge about dinosaurs about 1000 years ago?

Dinosaur carving at Ta Prohm temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Although dinosaurs are extinct in the world, images of dinosaurs of various types are seen even today at different places. If you have even a minor knowledge about dinosaurs, you will recall species of dinosaurs such as T-Rex, Stegosaurus, etc. Present society got to know about dinosaurs through fossil evidence… Modern science also helped in this. We were able to find out presumably, even the reasons for dinosaurs becoming extinct from Earth. Even though almost everyone is aware of this fact about dinosaurs today, would it have been possible to have any knowledge about dinosaurs about 1000 years ago? The image below depicts a sculpture of a Stegosaurus. This is a sculpture that is there is a temple in Ankur in Cambodia. It is said that this was sculpted in 1186 AD. If so, they would have known about dinosaurs at that period of time too…

A spacecraft from outer space actually crashed into Roswell…?

Unknown symbols located at the Great Pyramid entrance

Then, finally, this is the best and most interesting and attractive mystery that has been kept for the last…! A common opinion that many accept is that there is a big connection between pyramids and creatures from outer space. This is another piece of evidence that confirms that. This has been given by Aliens who went away. In the image on the left, it shows the entrance to the Great Pyramid in Egypt where four unidentified hieroglyphics have been sculpted.

These are somewhat similar to the Greek Alphabet. At the same time, the image on the right depicts one of the photographs of the debris in the notorious accident of the spacecraft from outer space which took place in Roswell, America. The strange hieroglyphics which appear on it are similar to the hieroglyphics from the Pyramid, aren’t they? What we should realize from that is that aliens participated in building the pyramids? If not is it a fact that a spacecraft from outer space actually crashed into Roswell…?

Residents of Egypt knew the bulb during AD?

The Temple of Hathor – The Temple of Women – Ancient Egyptian

The Pyramids in Egypt are anyhow a mystery. What is inside those are more of a mystery… This image is also similar. This is located at Dendera in Egypt at the Hathor Temple. It is said that these images depict the structure of an electric bulb of some type. These bulbs are connected to a structure such as a generator through spiral wires. In the middle of this bulb is the filament. The mystery here is whether residents of Egypt knew about technology during AD…!

Battery or some such equal power supply?

The Mystery of Dendera

The following four objects are shown a short distance away from the above-mentioned Egyptian image. All four of these objects are connected to one common object through a link similar to spiral wires. It is said that the structure of this common object is comparable to that of a battery or some such equal power supply. In the image below, is the spherical structure which is located in the middle of two of those objects. This depicts some type of electrical discharge or a spark. It has not yet been found, what exactly this is.  

Why if there was nothing to hide, these were built hidden…!

The Infamous Gantenbrink Door COVER-UP & Graham Hancock

This is another mystery regarding the Pyramids of Egypt. You all are probably aware of stories about the secret tunnels/ secret rooms and secret doorways… This image shows such a mysterious doorway. What is amazing is that even though two copper handles have been fixed to the door, it opens on to another wall…! A group of researchers including Rudolph Gantenbrink discovered this door through a photograph obtained by the UPUAUT 2 Robot Control Device. In the Pyramid named Cheops, this door covers the end of an aperture which is located to the right side of the Queen’s chamber and this door was opened recently.

Everybody expected to see a collection of ancient objects but what was there beyond that was an empty wall…! Some say that it is the back of another door on the other side. There is a similar door at the end of the aperture on the northern side of the Queen’s chamber. The question is why if there was nothing to hide, these were built hidden…!

400 million years old hammer!

This hammer was iscovered this in 1844

This image shows the ruins of an ancient hammer. A Physicist named David Brewster discovered this in 1844 inside a chunk of sandstone. Dr. A. W. Med of the British Geoscience Research Center engaged in finding the timeline of this sandstone. Do you know how old it is? This hammer is said to be 360 to 400 million years old! I wonder who used this during that period of time…!!!

28 billion years old unusuall Metallic spheres.

The 3-Billion-Year-Old Klerksdorp Spheres

This looks like a leather ball from the past, doesn’t it? Although these balls are not leather balls, they are renowned all over the world. These metal spheres were discovered from Klerksdorp in South Africa. In the sphere that appears in the image, three cuts have been made around the sphere. During the ancient Cambrian Era a number of balls and those similar to this have been discovered – that is from an ancient mineral deposit 28 billion years old. Some of these spheres have had a thin scab about a quarter-inch thick as an outer shell. However, it was so strong that it could not be scraped off using an iron. When the outer shell broke off inside it had been found a strange spongy type of material.

When this material was exposed to the air they break up into little pieces like dust and spread all over. Guardian and Administrator of Klerksdorp Museum Roelf Marx said that this sphere which is on display has the ability to rotate on its own and during a movement from outside it can remain in one place motionless…! What are these balls? Who created these so far back in the ancient past with such geometric precision? For what purpose, it is unknown. Expert opinion says that these have been made using a strange material. 

A spark plug five hundred thousand years ago!

COSO Artifact

This is also a somewhat publicly known thing. This object is known as the COSO artifact. This ancient crystal chunk of rock was found from Olancha in Calfornia, USA. It contains metal and porcelain. The image shows how this rock has been split into two parts and it shows the inside of these two sections. These depict x-ray pictures of this rock. These pictures show an iron rod inside a vial. This is amazing because this chunk of rock is about five hundred thousand years old. Many are of the opinion that this is a spark plug. Since even humans were not there quite apart from vehicles, five hundred thousand years ago, how could there have been spark plugs then? It is incredible, isn’t it?

8000 years old structure

Underwater structure at Yonaguni islands

This amazing structure that has sunk off the sea of the Yonaguni islands belonging to Japan is another mystery. This structure which is located 75 feet deep from sea level can be clearly identified as a human creation. This is 600 feet in width and 90 feet in height and is said to be about 8000 years old. This platform shaped model depicts very clearly ruins of a city or a civilization. The question is how did it end up at the bottom of the sea/or if not, why was it built under the sea…! 

How were these blocks of stone of various shapes cut?

Sacsayhuaman, Peru

 This is the Sacsayhuaman stone wall in Peru. The opinion of experts is that this is similar to the stone walls at the place named Bimini. This becomes another archaeological mystery because these stone walls belong to the ancient past. These blocks of stone are connected to each other in a very strange manner. How were these blocks of stone of various shapes cut? How were the angles here calculated so accurately? Who brought these here, lifted them up, and set them up so that they fit each other perfectly? How was it done? And for what purpose it was built still remains a question.

While it was possible to cut these blocks of stone into squares and fitted together, they have made the task more difficult by cutting them into different shapes. Since there is nothing mentioned in ancient documents of the Incas it is just about possible to think, how long ago the people who had built this had lived. 

Who drew these lines

Nazca Lines, Peru

They are the two lines that move up from the middle of the image. This is a marking that is located close to the world-renowned Nazca Lines in the country of Peru. These two lines run parallel for a number of kilometers through mountains, vales, and valleys. Who drew these to be so lengthy and at the same time parallel to each other? And for what purpose?

They knew helicopters, war tanks, cargo vessels, and light aircrafts 3000 years ago.

Egyptian hieroglyphics

Here is another mystery about the Pyramids…this image depicts a collective of Egyptian hieroglyphics sculpted on a pillar at the church named Abydos in Egypt. Check very carefully whether there is any difference in these…Among the marks in the image at the bottom, a modern helicopter, a war tank, a cargo vessel, and a light aircraft of the type glider can be clearly identified. These images are actually ones that have been sculpted in the church… Then, how did the person who sculpted these hieroglyphics on the wall more than 3000 years ago know about the above-mentioned vehicles?

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